2013 Lū‘au Raises $48,000

Thanks to your support the 2013 Lū‘au raised $48,000, the board is currently evaluating proposed projects with Kaiser High School Athletic Director Rodney Iwasaki and will be allocating funding based on the needs. To date proceeds from the fundraising events have gone to award scholarships, help with improvements to the weight room and wrestling room as well as resurfacing the gym floor, where the Kaiser High School Athletic Foundation logo can be seen with in the paint design of the floor.

Every year the Foundation Lū‘au sets the stage for remembering those memorable experiences that help build the character of our athletic program and the many student athletes that it help nurture. Our Lū‘au in 2013 once again saw 370 studen athletes, alumni, faculty and guests of the Cougar community come together to celebrate.

  • 2013 Luau Honorees

    Asa Tanaka, David Nakama, Bill Von Arnswaldt & Sid Fernandez

  • Sid Fernandez receives bronze plaque from Ted Fukushima

    El Sid receiving the bronze plaque from Ted Fukushima that will be displayed with the other recipients of the Hall of Honor. Sid's illustrious career in Major League Baseball along with his World Series win brought pride to the Home of the Cougars!

  • Kenny Chan and friends

    Kenny Chan the first Booster Club President lower right, set the tone for what is now the Kaiser High School Athletic Foundation. His commitment, dedication and example is what the current board strives for in his footsteps.

  • Alumni at the luau

    Kaiser alumni reconnecting with classmates

  • Ladies at the luau

    Adding a little sizzle to the Foundation Lū‘au, These ladies are enjoying a little beverage as the sun sets.

  • Regan Shikada and friends

    Can you believe that some people haven’t changed?

  • Ted's

    Ted's "A" Team reunited

  • Charlie Long and daughter

    Charlie Long with his daughter enjoy the evening

  • Reconnecting

    Reconnecting with classmates and giving back to the school

  • Scott Chan, Clayton Fujie and Keith Komeji

    Sharing a moment, Scott Chan, Clayton Fujie and Keith Komeji talk about their workout regiment